About us

We are Nomady. As great nature lovers and outdoor sports enthusiasts, we have observed a growing need for sleeping accomodations in nature. Away from the crowd, directly in nature. Simply being outside.

Who we are

Oliver Huber

Founder & CEO

One with nature. No civilization far and wide, without contact to the outside world. That's where Oliver feels at home. Oliver is so outdoorsy, even Indiana Jones would probably get lost in his beard. Just like he learned to lead a team on rivers in the Arctic wilderness, he does it at Nomady. Pragmatic, fair, motivated and with an eye towards the ocean.

Paolo De Caro

Co-Founder & Head Creation

Fairview or Riverside? Yes! As interchangeable a village may be, Paolo would like to know the place. And above all, he would like to capture it in pictures. The people, the culture, the landscape, the tumbleweed and the village goat. The search for beauty is most interesting where no one suspects it. From a small icon to the brand vision. At Nomady he is responsible for the design and development of the brand.

Dominik Bruderer

Head of IT

Like MacGyver, who rents the A-Team's truck (share economy). That's how you have to imagine Dominik. Analytical, focused, with a solution for everything and modern in spirit. The future is digital and he wants to actively shape it for the better. He loves it when a plan comes together.

Lisa Eberhard

Head Marketing

The nature-loving all-rounder manages marketing like one of her snowshoe tours. With good organization and that little bit extra. With that extra effort, she not only reaches summits but also our campers, whom she motivates to go out into the world and into nature.

Dominik Zgraggen

Software Engineer

The fact that Doz is the logical combination of his first and last name, and that he calls himself that, is no coincidence. The whole thing has a system. Similarly, Doz follows a plan when it comes to food. Environmental compatibility, health, pleasure for the palate and complexity are his parameters, which he combines in a virtuoso way to create fine dishes. So it is no coincidence that Doz is responsible for decoding the code tohuwabohou at Nomady. He does this as always: meticulously, calmly and systematically.

Karin Sutter


Karin is like a bee. Instead of visually, just inside very balanced, in a good mood (bees certainly always are) and she does not let the effort show. She takes off loads and provides help where it is most needed. Her strength is bookkeeping and operational work. With her, the meadow is not so big anymore.

Tom Lütolf

Head Operations

Tom does not like loud noise, Tom does not like hustle and bustle. Tom likes the peace and quiet of nature, the forest. As a sportsman, explorer and passionate camper he finds his balance from the daily grind. That's why Tom is not only a good fit for Nomady, Nomady is also a good fit for Tom. So who knows about the needs of our community and takes care of the versatile tasks in Operations? That's right, it's Tom.

Christina Ziegler

Digital Marketing Manager

In the realm of the digital world, Christina reigns supreme. With fervor, she navigates data and trends to craft the perfect strategies for Nomady, leaving our community utterly captivated. A true nomad with an insatiable spirit of discovery, Christina enriches Nomady with her boundless energy and unwavering enthusiasm.